Ali Hasan Al Mehri

Senior Principal – Board Secretary

Ali Al Mehri, A Bahraini National, has over 18 years’ work experience between the Oil & Gas industry and the Banking industry. Ali started his career working at the Bahrain Petroleum Company BAPCO where he was responsible for producing profit/cost analysis reports to the management of the company as well as reporting on the performance of company (KPIs) to its parent the National Oil and Gas Authority. In 2008, Ali shifted his career to the Banking industry where he joined Gulf Finance House and was assigned the task of establishing as well as reporting on the Bank’s Balanced Scorecard. Subsequently, Ali joined First Energy Bank’s placement team where he was able to establish fruitful relationships with HNWI from Qatar, KSA and the UAE. Moreover, Ali then shifted to the Financial Institutions section in the Treasury Department, where he was entrusted with establishing a network of banks/ financial institutions relationships for the bank. Ali gained extensive knowledge in relationship management as well as experience in AML, KYC and documentation. Ali holds a M.Sc. in Financial Markets & Institutions from Boston University USA and a B.Sc. in Accounting from Bentley College, USA. Furthermore, Ali completed several professional courses on Islamic Banking, Treasury Products, AML, Performance Management, Corporate Governance, and Compliance.