Corporate Governance

SAYACORP continues to implement measures to enhance its compliance with the Corporate Governance Code issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (“MOIC”).

SAYACORP aspires to the highest standards of ethical conduct in maintaining its integrity, reporting results with accuracy and transparency and ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations (as amended from time to time) in the Kingdom of Bahrain that govern the Company’s business and operations. We at SAYACORP believe that a strong corporate governance culture reinforces and enhances our business for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of sound corporate governance in the management of the Company. The Board of Directors are committed to implementing a robust corporate governance culture and practices and to constantly review and align with international best practices. To ensure the highest standards of Corporate Governance throughout the Company, the Company has a appointed a dedicated Governance Officer to undertake the responsibility of ensuring the implementation of higher standards of governance and best practices. The Company’s management is also committed to fully implement and ensure that procedures and processes are in place to reflect and support the Board approved corporate governance policies.